Rock Climbing Packages at Hotel Legend Inn, Delhi

Climbing is a rigorous test of one's mind and body. Requiring an adequate combination of both, climbing is a sport that builds true athletes when the climbers are dedicated. Climbing offers many benefits to the mind and body including flexibility, mental and physical focus and mental and physical Focus.

Join us at the Legend Rock, a 40-foot tall rock climbing wall, where our guests can have an exclusive rock-climbing experience whenever they wish - simply contact us for details!  Many children are natural-born climbers, slowly but surely climbing everything in sight - the table, chairs, beds, ladders, trees, cars, and who knows what else! We are giving you parents the chance to let your kids have an outlet for all that energy, courtesy of our children-specific rock climbing packages!

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Features of the Legend Rock

  • Over 1000 sq. ft. of climbing area
  • 40 ft. tall climbing wall
  • Varying difficulty levels
  • Knowledgeable instructors are available for assistance and safety supervision.
  • Climbing gear available at no additional cost

Your Adventure Begins At Our Doorstep

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The Legend Inn has a mountaineering theme running througout the hotel with all rooms named after legendary mountaineers pr peaks in the Himalayas. The 40 ft rock climbing wall is the main feature of the hotel.

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Children love the Legend Rock, here at the Hotel Legend Inn, Delhi - in fact, they love it even more when it's their birthday and they get special attention from our instructors!